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Denny Houston was a fixer and drug user.


Denny Houston spent some time with Jim Raynor, who told him he would hide on zerg-infested worlds,[1] approximately two months before meeting the War Pigs.[2]

Houston made contact with War Pig member Turfa Dei, intending to trade the whereabouts of Jim Raynor for some "property" he had lost. Aboard the General Lee, the War Pigs were being driven mad by a xel'naga artifact, resulting in Dei repeatedly assaulting and threatening Houston. While there, Houston made a deal with Romy Pyrius, buying an artifact he misidentified as protoss from him.[1]

Houston revealed the "property" he wished returned was his wife. He told the War Pigs about Raynor hiding out on zerg worlds as a "down payment" but wouldn't tell them anything more until his wife was returned to him. The War Pigs kidnapped her and left her alone with him.

Iggins was suffering mental trauma due to the crystal, specifically about how he murdered Desi, his wife. Ellen reminded Iggins of Desi, and when he found Denny threatening her, he shot Denny in the arm and took her hostage. As the War Pigs rushed to the scene, Ellen subdued Iggins and used his gun on Denny, killing him.[1]

The AftermathEdit

Cole Hickson later tried to track Jim Raynor's hideout by cross-indexing Denny Houston's travels with zerg-infested worlds in the previous three months.[3] He settled on Urona Sigma, a world Houston had visited two months prior to the War Pigs getting there. It was an accurate selection.[2]


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