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D8Charge SC2 Rend1

A D-8 charge

A deuterium-eight (D-8) charge is a type of terran demolition device. Unstable, D-8 charges were historically used in controlled civil demolitions. When they became optional requisitions for reaper squads, chaos ensued. High civilian casualty rates, destruction of allied installations, and death of key personnel led the Dominion Armed Forces to stop issuing these charges to the Reaper Corps. That hasn't put an end to illegal acquisitions however, and rumors abound of heavily modified versions of the base explosive in the hands of renegade units.[1]

D-8's can be thrown a short distance, and will detonate after a short delay. However, utilizing them is a skill that few reapers live long enough to master.[2]

Former Game UnitEdit

The following article contains information about a StarCraft II unit or structure that was canceled.

D-8Charge SC2 DevGame2

D-8 charges (early image)

D8charge SC2 Icon1 D8 Charge

This ability must be researched.[3][4]

The reaper throws a demolition charge on the ground; they do not stick to buildings.[5] Two seconds later,[6] it detonates, damaging friendly and hostile ground units and buildings in the vicinity.[3] A red timer bar shows how long until it detonates.[7][8]

The mines deal 30 damage + 30 against armored units and buildings[3] although it appears to have increased as of December 2008.[9] Mine explosions do not detonate other mines.[3] However, they do inflict splash damage on friendly forces.[10] They do not deal damage to burrowed units unless the player can detect them.[5]

The mines are very small but visible. They can be hidden by units moving past them.[3]

The mines do not take damage.[6]

Cost 2 seconds[6]Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 20[11]Time SC2 Game1

The ability was removed by the StarCraft II beta and became an alternate anti-building attack for the reaper.[12]


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