Devourer SC2 Art1

The devourer

The devourer is a zerg anti-air flyer.


Devourer SC1 Art1

A devourer during the Brood War

Devourers are an evolution of the mutalisk.[1] In use by early 2500 during the Great War,[2] devourers spit a venom of corrosive acid at aerial targets that can eat through the reinforced armor plating of terran and protoss capital ships. A single spit of venom may splash over multiple targets.[1] The acid spores in the venom may hinder the fighting ability of the target.[3]

Devourers continue to be used after the Brood War,[4] and remained in use during the Second Great War.[5]

The Terran Dominion studied their remains at the Valhalla installation.[6]

Devourers were a regular sight among the zerg's aerial and stellar forces well into 2512. Under the reign of Overqueen Zagara, Devourers were often modified to transport and launch objects other than corrosive acid.[7]

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