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Devourer SC2 Art1

The devourer

The devourer is a zerg anti-air flyer.


Devourer SC1 Art1

A devourer during the Brood War

Devourers are an evolution of the mutalisk.[1] In use by early 2500 during the Great War,[2] devourers spit a venom of corrosive acid at aerial targets that can eat through the reinforced armor plating of terran and protoss capital ships. A single spit of venom may splash over multiple targets.[1] The acid spores in the venom may hinder the fighting ability of the target.[3]

Devourers continue(d) to be used after the Brood War,[4] and remained in use during the Second Great War.[5]

The Terran Dominion studied their remains at the Valhalla installation.[6]

Game UnitEdit


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Devourer (StarCraft).

StarCraft IIEdit

For StarCraft II gameplay information see: Devourer (StarCraft II).


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