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"Rise to new heights in the Dominion Marine Corps! Enlist now!"

- DMC recruitment slogan(src)

Dominion Marine Corps
DomMarineCorps SC1 Logo1

Naval infantry




General William Warchorsky (2505)

De facto leader

Dominion High Command


TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


Korhal IV

Formed from

Sons of Korhal, Confederate Marine Corps, others

Date established

March 2500



The Dominion Marine Corps[1] is a branch of the armed forces of the Terran Dominion, and the fundament of any deployment.[2]

Somewhat akin to the Squadrons of the Terran Confederacy, the DMC appears to function somewhat independently from the space-based Dominion Armada, its officers having control over their own ships.[1] Its logo is referred to as the "Golden Eagle",[3] and the bald eagle has also been used in DMC heraldry.[1] This symbol is a variant of the Alpha Squadron insignia.[4]

The primary color of marine armor is red.


"Nothing in this galaxy can stand up to the full firepower of the Dominion Marine Corps."

- Colonel Jackson Hauler(src)

DomMarineCorps SC1 Art1

Dominion Marine Corps heraldry

The Dominion Marine Corps absorbed elements of the Confederate Marine Corps during the transition from the Confederacy to the Dominion.[5] Compared to its predecessor, the Dominion force has a lower percentage of neurally resocialized individuals.[6]

The Corps saw action during the Brood War. In the opening phase it and the rest of the armed forces were unable to check the advance of the United Earth Directorate fleet. With the aid of Raynor's Raiders, Fenix's protoss forces and Infested Kerrigan's zerg the Corps would return to liberate Korhal, only to fall victim to Kerrigan's betrayal.[7] The Corps was reinforced by "a collection of special interest groups" for a final push against the zerg at Char. The operation was unsuccessful and marked the end of the war.[8]

Marine SC2 Art3

Lock and load

After the Brood War, the corps carried out tasks ranging from delivering supplies to patrolling colonies for potential enemies. A DMC force was responsible for the depopulation of Candore Colony, which had been harboring a group of insurgents.[1] It also engaged the protoss and zerg on Artika.[9]

Elements of the Dominion Marine Corps are also present at Mar Sara, acting as security for the Kel-Morian Combine mining camps as well as fighting the zerg who invaded the planet at the same time.[10]

By 2503,[11] the Corps had once again become a viable force, performing services throughout the Dominion.[12] This included countering the insurgency of Project Shadowblade.[13]

In 2504, with the onset of the Second Great War, the marines helped hold the line against the zerg.[14] Eventually, alongside the Dominion Fleet, the Corps partook in an invasion of Char. Despite taking heavy casualties,[15][16] the Dominion emerged victorious in the end.[17] The war itself ended with the death of Arcturus Mengsk however.[18]

Known UnitsEdit

Gen SC-BG Cover2

Dominion marines in battle

Known MembersEdit

"Each and every one of these young men and women volunteered. And after months of sacrifice and toil in training, they have earned their place among the noble Dominion Marines. They have joined humanity's vanguard. They have chosen to stand against an unforgiving universe."

- Emperor Arcturus Mengsk(src)

Marine SC2 Art1

DMC recruitment poster

Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers


Recruit SC2-HotS Decal1

Recruit symbol



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