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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

Dominion Renegades

Renegade forces of the Terran Dominion




Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk


Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk


Half of the Dominion Fleet, Char invasion forces

Formed From

December, 2504


The Dominion renegades were a group of soldiers that were initially part of the Terran Dominion, but broke off following the Battle of Char, during the Second Great War. They were led by Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk.

After Sarah Kerrigan was deinfested following the battle of Char, Valerian, Jim Raynor, and Matt Horner refused to hand her over to the Terran Dominion. However, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk only wanted Kerrigan dead and so sent his forces to find her. This had caused a major rift in the Dominion Armed Forces and eventually erupted into a civil war


Following the Battle of Char, the forces of Arcturus Mengsk arrived to capture Sarah Kerrigan and Jim Raynor. However, Valerian Mengsk refused to return them to him, sparking hostilities between the fleet loyal to Valerian and the primary Dominion fleet. The renegades took heavy losses, but thanks to the quick thinking of the crews of the Bucephalus and the Hyperion, they were able to escape.

However, the renegades found their ships were bugged by the Dominion, and the fleet quickly caught up to them. Rory Swann too charge of debugging the ships as the crew of the Herakles were evacuated to the Bucephalus. The ship was then brought on a suicide run to buy the renegades time. The run was successful, and the ships were debugged before they went to warp. However, only the Hyperion and Bucephalus remained.

With Kerrigan's condition worsening, the renegades and Raiders stopped at Dead Man's Rock. They were given shelter and hidden away thanks to the kindness of the new kingpin of the planet Mira Han. However, the betrayal of Raiders bartender Cooper lead the Dominion to them. The renegades were forced to escape the planet, and were covered by the forces of Mira Han. However, while there they established contact with Doctor Emil Narud, who lead them to the Moebius Foundation Space Station Prometheus.

However while there Narud revealed he was working for Arcturus, and had his engineers sabotaged their ships. The crew of the Bucephalus were able to undo the damage, and aided the Hyperion in retrieving the crewmembers stranded in the space station and escape. With nowhere else to go, Valerian ordered the renegades to move to the Umojan Protectorate, in a secret platform known as Research Station EB-103 .

Known MembersEdit


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