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Don't Forget Our E-sports Dream
Don'tForgetOurE-sportsDream Cover1

T.J. Huckabee


Visual novel


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Don't Forget Our E-sports Dream is a visual novel sequel to SC2VN. It is currently being developed, and supported via Kickstarter.


The game is set in the era of StarCraft: Brood War, when the game had emerged as an e-sport in South Korea.[1] Players will take the role of Sung-hwan "Bolt" Lee. At his side is Chae-young "Jett" Song, a former darling of the Korean Pro-Gaming Association and an estranged childhood friend. A year after her departure from the professional Brood War competition, Jett continues to make her living on StarCraft on low-paying local tournaments and bet matches. Together, she and Bolt strive to become champions and to resolve their differences along the way.[2]


The sequel was pitched by Blizzard Entertainment itself. Prior to this, the team had been considering a sequel to SC2VN, but after Blizzard's request, gave a formalized pitch. Blizzard gave its approval for the game to be released as a commercial product.

The developers are aiming for 12 hours play time and 200,000 words.[1]


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