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"Drakken Defense Cannon designed to destroy enemy forces as they enter orbit."

- Drakken pulse cannon description(src)

Drakken pulse cannon
DrakkenPulseCannon SC2-HotS Game1



TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


Heart of the Swarm

Hit points

1000 ("Rendezvous")
1500 ("Planetfall")




The Drakken pulse cannon (or air defense cannon) is a Terran Dominion planetary defensive weapon system. It is capable of firing from the surface of a planet to destroy targets in orbit.

Dominion forces set one up on Phaeton to eliminate any stragglers as they warped in from Research Station EB-103. It was destroyed by Sarah Kerrigan with help from Naktul and her brood.[1]

Korhal possessed a "Drakken defense network" of numerous pulse cannons. During the invasion of Korhal during the Second Great War, the cannons destroyed many zerg as they launched their attack. Sarah Kerrigan had Abathur modify the virophage to create the bile launcher, long-range bombardment structures. The bile launchers were deployed to the surface of Korhal and destroyed the Drakken cannons, allowing the bulk of the zerg to land on the planet and continue the invasion.[2]


The Drakken cannons found in "Planetfall" are unable to be attacked by the player; only the bile launchers are able to attack them (dealing 75 damage per hit). If the player stations air units around the cannons to provide vision, over the course of the mission they can see the launchers attacking and destroying the cannons one by one.

A similar ground-based plasma pulse weapon was developed in the Broken Mesa during the Brood War.[3]


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