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Drill Site #3 is a terran mining instillation on Shi. It housed several mining scouts and BDE-1600s.

After the Fall of Tarsonis, Shi became a holdout for the Terran Confederacy, and several children of the Old Families were sent to the planet. Drill Site #3 was reinforced as a Confederate outpost.

When the Terran Dominion sent a zerg drone to the planet, the zerg began to attack the Confederates, who fell back to Drill Site #3. Dhupal, Keys, and Roderick manned the BDE-1600s in defense of the base, but were quickly overrun when it was discovered how quickly the drill's plasma chambers overheated. The children of the Old Families were trapped in the base for months, and sent out distress calls to any passing ship.[1]

Their distress call was picked up by the passing battlecruiser Cyrus, which was carrying ghost trainees. Lio Travski sensed the zerg, and Nova Terra recognized the psionic presence of her old friends on the planet. The Cyrus sent a force of marines and ghosts to secure the base, and was successful at warding the zerg away and rescuing the Old Family members. However, the battlecruiser was shot down by spore cannons, forcing the marines and ghosts to fight through the zerg, secure the battlecruiser and repair it. They were successful, and escaped the planet.[2]


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