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"All marines, prepare to drop."
Drop Pod
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Latest sighting





Exoatmospheric insertion vehicle


3 engines






TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders


Infantry/supply delivery


1-4 (occupants)[1]

The drop pod is a terran exoatmospheric insertion vehicle.


DropPod SC2-HotS CineGetItTogether1

Drop pods in flight

Developed by the Terran Dominion[2] and in use within a few months of its founding,[3] the drop pod is shaped somewhat like a rounded cylinder, with two rounded ends: one boasting an orange-yellow engine, and the other equipped to slam into a planetary surface. On the engine end, there are four flaps that extend outwards from the engine and two vanes, one to either side of the engine.[4] A pod design used for one person special ops insertions prior to the Second Great War self-destructed 108 seconds after touchdown,[5] as part of a protocol to prevent its technology from falling into enemy hands.[2] These pods' interior is cramped. Its occupant is seated, with said seat having neosteel support bars. Pods also feature filtration systems that can take atmospheric samples from the air around them. Communication can be carried out via a comm. unit and viscreen.[5] By 2504, drop pods were in use by various other mercenary and rebel factions as well.[6] These pods apparently did not self-destruct by default and were large enough to accommodate multiple people and even vehicles.[7]

Drop pods are used to covertly insert ghosts,[2] deploy marines,[8] resupply ground forces,[9] and aid mineral mining operations with MULEs.[10] Its descent can be guided to an extent by its occupant.[5]

Game UnitEdit

DropPod SC2 Rend1

Drop pod model

In StarCraft II, drop pods are used by the orbital command's abilities[10] to deploy MULEs, and in the usage animation for increasing the supply output of supply depots.[9] The drop animation takes 5-10 seconds.[11] Drop pods may be deployed anywhere within line of sight.[12]

Wings of LibertyEdit

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, drop pods are used to drop ground units at the merc compound. Several drop pods are seen in the campaign mission "Gates of Hell", where Terran Dominion troops are attacked by the zerg during the invasion of Char.[13]

SC2 Lab Orb Strike Icon
Orbital Strike

New barracks units arrive at the rally point by drop pod.

We have developed a new low-cost drop-pod that lets us send our infantry units straight from the Hyperion to the barracks' rally point. This technological marvel gives us the ability to reinforce instantly when far from our main base and to surprise the enemy from above. [14]

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 25 protoss research points

Coop MissionsEdit

DropPods SC2 Coop Icon
Orbital Drop Pods

Barracks, factory, and starport units are delivered directly to the structure's Rally Point via drop pod.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Raynor Level 8.


Main article: Drop pod/Development


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