The dune runner was a swift,[1] nomadic,[2] small and savage creature native to the desert world of Zz'gash.[3] Exposure to Zz'gash's harsh weather made dune runners a fairly adaptable species, and their leathery skin developed seven distinct layers with specialized humidity-retention ducts. These prevented moisture loss, while still allowing fluid circulation to keep the dune runner's body temperature at an appropriate level.[2] They apparently had dorsal fins on their backs.[4] It is known that they possessed a tail with a spike that portruded from the tip.[2]

Their DNA was assimilated into the Zerg Swarm, forming the basis for the zerglings.[3] Zerglings possess the dune runner's adaptability, and its spiked tail as a vestigal trait.[2]

Dune runners were apparently known to terrans before/during the Great War.[5] Their biology and history is known to the Dominion at least.[2]


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