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"Dylar Shipyards-where cacca happens baby..."

- Dominion Fleet recruitment slogan.(src)

DylarShipyards SC2 Art1

The Dylar Shipyards.

The Dylarian Shipyards (a.k.a. Dylar Shipyards)[1] are a huge orbital complex over Dylar IV.


In use by the Terran Confederacy since at least 2479,[2] the Dylarian Shipyards were used for maintenance of starships such as battlecruisers[3] and as training grounds for the Confederate Marine Corps.[2]

Raynor's RaidEdit

Shortly after the fall of the Confederacy, the newly formed Raynor's Raiders, rebelling against the Sons of Korhal, attacked the yards hoping to secure sufficient shipping. General Edmund Duke was dispatched in the battlecruiser Hyperion to stop the Raiders. In the confines of the yards, Duke was hampered by a fear of causing collateral damage and fratricide and was unable to prevent the Raiders from temporarily taking control of the docks and stealing the vessels they needed. In fact, the Hyperion itself was boarded and hijacked, and the Raiders left Duke tied up on the dock.[4]

UED RaidEdit

"We have ascertained the location of the Dylarian shipyards. These shipyards, serving as a fueling and repair station for the Dominion, house a number of functional battlecruisers in dry-dock."

- Gerard DuGalle introduces the Dylarian Shipyards(src)

TheDylarianShipyards SC-BW Map1

A map of the shipyards during the Brood War

During the Brood War the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Fleet raided the yard and commandeered a number of battlecruisers. A Dominion counterattack was repelled using these ships[3][5] and the UED laid waste to the yards and conscripted the remaining defenders before withdrawing.[5][6]

The Second Great WarEdit

The Dominion rebuilt the yards during the Interbellum, and it appeared in Dominion Fleet recruitment posters.[1]

During the Second Great War, the Second Fleet regrouped there following the zerg attack on Tyrador VIII.[7]


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