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Universe News Network


Talk show host

E.B. James is a member of Universe News Network.


During the reign of the Terran Confederacy he was the host of the talk show Tarsonis and You.[1]

Surviving the Fall of Tarsonis, he now hosts The Dominion and You under the Terran Dominion. His interviews included a "fluff piece" with Ghost Program director Kevin Bick, where Bick countered anti-Ghost Academy propaganda from Umojan Protectorate-sponsored anti-Dominion rebel Corbin Phash.[2]

He later reported on former Ghost Academy student Aal Cistler's claims about drug and student abuse there, ambushing Director Bick in the process. Bick believed Arcturus Mengsk was sending him a message. James mocked Bick after the interview, suggesting he would have to find a new job.[3]

On the first anniversary of Mengsk's reign, he hosted a special edition of The Dominion and You. In an over-the-top enthusiastic fashion, he proclaimed Mengsk's "war on fear". After the filming, he demonstrated a noted lack of enthusiasm for his job.[4]

Interview SubjectsEdit


His name may be a tribute to the video game store E.B. Games (now known as Game Stop in most areas).


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