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EMP Shot is an ability that all ghosts have in StarCraft II. It is the successor to the EMP Shockwave ability possessed by science vessels in StarCraft. Within its area-of-effect, it damages protoss shields, drains 100 energy from units, and temporarily acts as a detector for cloaked units.

Game EffectEdit

GhostEmp SC2 Icon1 EMP Shot

Drains 100 shields from protoss units and drains 100 energy[1] from units in the area of effect, including friendly units. Shield upgrades have no effect.

The EMP field has an area-of-effect of 1.5.[2]

Cloaked units are revealed for a short time. Burrowed units are not.

Hotkey E
Cost 75 Energy Terran SC1
Range 10[3]
Purchased from Already researched


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