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Eddie Rainsinger was a terran doctor, specifically a general practitioner. He also possessed skill in the field of biology and had a skill for reassuring patients of their condition. However, he was heard expressing regret at least once concerning his pursuit of GP, wishing that he'd taken up neuroscience instead.

Rainsinger possessed a somewhat impulsive nature, willing to act recklessly in hazardous situations.


Assigned to archaeological digs, Raingsinger found himself helping the staff of "cushier assignments" when compared to digs on worlds such as Gelgaris.

In 2503, Byrce was assigned by Mr. V with other intellectuals to a team led by "maverick" archaeologist Jake Ramsey, heading for an alien relic on the world of Nemaka. Shortly after arrival, Rainsinger found himself in the lab, as an unexcavated tunnel was "found" by Ramsey, featuring a door at the end of it with writing of an alien nature. Through analysis, Rainsinger was able to determine that the writing was less than a decade old and written in blood, seemingly of a protoss.

Work continued in excavating the artifact, even if little progress was made. However, something about the relic unnerved the terrans studying it and the artificial climate frustrated Rainsinger. It was during this period that he developed romantic thoughts involving himself and one of Ramsey's team, Kendra Massa. Regardless, entry to the artifact was eventually achieved by Ramsey, only for him to be attacked by an alien being. As such, the Gray Tiger was called in to transport him.

Ramsey eventually regained consciousness, but things went downhill from here. Not only had the professor somehow developed telepathic abilities, but because of this, was to be taken into custody by Rosemary Dahl and her mercenary team, the archeologists and doctors included. Rainsinger was initially compelled to be subservient but eventually took a perceived opportunity to attack Dahl with her back turned. In an instant, he found himself unconscious.

Those who worked on Nemaka were taken into holding cells on the Gray Tiger. However, due to a rampant marine, the ship's life support systems were destroyed, leaving Rainsinger and his colleagues to die.[1]


Dr. Eddie Rainsinger is named after a Navajo doctor who appeared in Invasion America: On the Run, a previous work by Christie Golden.


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