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Egon Stetmann
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6' 04"


185 lbs






TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion (formerly)
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Real Life
Voice Actor

Scott Menville[1]

Egon Stetmann is the chief science advisor of Raynor's Raiders.

Stetmann in his early twenties. He spends most of his time in the Hyperion's laboratory, though he is sometimes seen in the cantina[2] and on the bridge.[3]

He straps cans of drinks to his body, which have the word "Blizz" on them.[4]


Dominion ScientistEdit

Egon Stetmann began his scientific career at the Terran Dominion research facility on Tyrador III. He was one of many young idealistic people recruited, and most believed they were working to create a better future. Stetmann and Isabella Yorin were tasked with creating a portable force field of ionized gas, akin to the protoss plasma shield but without the psi-field generator.

Stetmann believed it could have civilian applications and the prototype force field was completed within a few months. This earned him a higher security clearance, and he learned the force field was for a military cyborg program. The cyborg test subjects were unwillingly conscripted from New Folsom Prison and subjected to horrific surgery. Stetmann was appalled but could not gain the support of his colleagues. The other scientists did not want to risk their careers, and were willing to ignore the implications of the greater program by concentrating on their own parts. Stetmann did not understand his colleagues' motivations.

Stetmann designed a computer virus to sabotage the facility. After stealing the force field prototype he activated the virus. All data was purged from the central computer, and Stetmann attempted to escape while freed test subjects, guards, and security turrets fought each other. Yorin took control of the final blast door and prevented Stetmann from escaping. Rather than harm his former colleague, Stetmann generated an EMP by overloading the prototype that distracted Yorin and unlocked the blast door.[5]

Fugitive at Deadman's PortEdit

The fugitive scientist smuggled himself off Tyrador III aboard a merchant ship and hid at the criminal hive of Deadman's Port for a few months. He made a living selling tech upgrades, and his talents were quickly noticed by criminal groups. Stetmann refused to implant tracking devices into people's brains for the criminals. The scientist became a hunted man for his defiance. Stetmann was forced to hide and live off the refuse around the city's starport; he was a broken man when he was finally caught.

The criminals wanted to use Stetmann as an example and taken out for a public execution. Raynor's Raiders were fortuitously resupplying at Deadman's Port at the time. Commander Jim Raynor and Captain Matt Horner passed by the imminent execution and rescued Stetmann, rather than see an innocent man murdered. Raynor was sympathetic when he heard of the scientist's escape from Tyrador, and recruited Stetmann as the Raiders' chief science advisor.[5]

Second Great WarEdit

"Uh sir? Any chance you'll get the lab up and running soon? That'd be great."

- Stetmann to Raynor(src)

EgonStetmann SC2-WoL Story1

Stetmann in the Hyperion's laboratory

At the start of the Second Great War, the Hyperion's research lab was inoperable, a fact that Stetmann often reminded Raynor. Eventually it got working and focusing on protoss and zerg materials, along with their potential applications, Stetmann got to work as well.[6] He kept a log tracking his progress.[4]

Courtesy of work with the Moebius Foundation, as per an offer made by Tychus Findlay, xel'naga artifacts were added to the mix as well. When it was revealed that these artifacts formed a greater whole that could make Sarah Kerrigan human again, Stetmann commented that it was quite unlikely that the Raiders retrieving these devices was mere coincidence.[6][7]

He was also present during Raynor's speech regarding the expedition to Char.[8]

Belly of the BeastEdit

Plot branch : The Raiders attack the tunnels
"Zerg are so fascinating. I wish we knew more about their physiology."
"I know all about 'em. Put a bullet in 'em, they die."

- Stetmann and Tychus Findlay while under Char.(src)

EgonStetmann SC2 Head2

Stetmann as a medic

Main article: Belly of the Beast

As part of an operation to cripple Char's nydus network, Stetmann was taken by Raynor as a part of his elite force as a medic. He gave advice on how to deal with the different zerg, to Tychus Findlay's annoyance.[9]

Plot branch ends here

Flashpoint ConflictEdit

After Sarah Kerrigan was deinfested and rescued from Char, Raynor took Kerrigan to Stetmann, who stated he didn't have the knowledge to even begin to treat her failing condition. Soon after, Raynor's Raiders and Dominion renegades loyal to Valerian Mengsk were forced to fight the Dominion fleet under Arcturus Mengsk, which had come to retrieve Kerrigan. Stetmann went with the Raiders as they fled from the encroaching fleet, eventually ending up at a Moebius Foundation base named Space Station Prometheus. Stetmann was offered a tour of the base and unrestricted access by Doctor Chantal de Vries, who lavished him with compliments and even offered him a job at the Moebius Foundation with greater pay then that of the Raiders.[10]

However, Moebius was only feigning friendship, and soon de Vires held him at gunpoint, and forced him to speak into a recorder to falsify some of the adjutant logs. She stated that Doctor Emil Narud wanted him alive, and knocked Stetmann out. He awoke bound in a locked room, and looked for means of escape. He was rescued by Kerrigan, who had broken out of her lab, and the two tried to escape the facility, but encountered hybrid. Kerrigan fought her way through, and the two found Raynor and Valerian and reached the exit, where the dropship Fanfare awaited them. Stetmann escaped with Valerian, Raynor and Kerrigan, and boarded the Hyperion. He and the Raiders were able to evade the Dominion fleet and flee to the Umojan Protectorate Research Station EB-103.[10]


Main article: Lab 01 (Hyperion)

Egon Stetmann is usually stationed in the Hyperion's laboratory and oversees researching the protoss and the zerg.

Game UnitEdit

Egon Stetmann
EgonStetmann SC2 Head1
EgonStetmann SC2 Rend1



RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders


Wings of Liberty

Base unit


Maximum energy

250 Energy Terran SC1

Sight range




Hit points


Hit point




Armor type


Stetmann appears as a hero medic in the "Belly of the Beast" mission.[9]


Healing SC2 Icon1 Heal

Egon Stetmann can heal 25 hp/second. This ability is autocast.

Cost 3/second Energy Terran SC1
SC2 Selfix Armor icon Selfix Armor

Egon Stetmann's armor rapidly heals him when he hasn't recently taken damage and rapidly regenerates energy when he hasn't recently healed.



EgonStetmann SC2 Head3

Stetmann portrait

  • Egon Stetmann's name is derived from the name of a character in the Ghostbusters franchise, Egon Spengler.
  • Stetmann's shirt is decorated with the symbol of the Horde from Warcraft, and he carries cans labelled "Blizz".
  • Stetmann has a number of phrases which serve as pop culture references:
    • In the mission, "Belly of the Beast", a giant zerg queen is killed. After this, Stetmann echoes Star Trek's Leonard McCoy and says: "She's dead, Jim".
    • When clicking on his unit, one of his phrases is "Back off man, I'm a scientist!", a line delivered by Bill Murray's character Dr. Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. He also shares his forename, hair style and some personality traits with Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters.
    • One of his phrases references the infamous red stapler from Office Space.


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