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Among the Ruins


The New Dominion

Eggression SC1 Map1

Great War


Late February - Early April, 2500



  • Protoss blockade destroyed
  • Zerg Swarm take chrysalis to Char

Zerg SC1 Logo Zerg Swarm

Khalai SC2-LotV Logo1 Protoss Expeditionary Force


Zerg SC1 Logo Overmind
Zerg SC1 Logo The Cerebrate
Zerg SC1 Logo Daggoth
Zerg SC1 Logo Zasz


Hunter Killer

New Unit(s)

Mutalisk, Scourge

New Tech

Lair, Spire

Egression is the second zerg mission of Episode II of StarCraft.



Following the zerg infestation of Tarsonis, the Overmind prepared to lead the Zerg Swarm away from the planet and return to Char, the zerg's primary staging planet in the Koprulu sector. The Overmind charged the Cerebrate to continue to protect the chrysalis during travel. Zasz warned that the orbital platform the Swarm had relocated to contained remnants of the protoss fleet that had engaged them in Tarsonis previously, and the Cerebrate would have to fight its way through the protoss to bring the chrysalis to the location the zerg intended to enter warp from.

The BlockadeEdit

To aid the Cerebrate, Daggoth sent six of his most powerful zerg breeds, Hunter Killer hydralisks, to escort the chrysalis. With the Hunter Killers leading their forces into battle, the Cerebrate destroyed the protoss and brought the chrysalis to the warp point. The Swarm departed Tarsonis and secured the chrysalis on Char.


The player begins with a well-established base, with two hatcheries and a spawning pool. Near the chrysalis the player can find six Hunter Killers that will be rescued for command when the player brings a unit near them. The Hunter Killers are extremely powerful hydralisks with greatly increased stats, and are invaluable in this mission. The player should take care not to lose them, and retreat them if they take too heavy damage and allow them to regenerate.

The player does not need to invest much time in this mission; the protoss defenders on the way to the beacon are not very strong, and the player does not need to destroy the protoss base to complete their objective. The player should build up their drones to speed up mining, then mutate a dozen zerglings. This force should be plenty to fight their way to the beacon. The player can then bring the chrysalis to the beacon by moving a drone to its location. The drone will pick up and transport the chrysalis, and the player can bring the drone to the beacon.

If the drone carrying the chrysalis dies, the chrysalis will be endangered, and a timer begins for the player to retrieve it. Failure results in the mission being lost, so the player must act quickly.


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