Ekart was a terran firebat in the Confederate Marine Corps.


In December 2499, Private Ekart was assigned to Second Squad of the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. The platoon was deployed to Mar Sara to retrieve a piece of Confederate equipment. Second Squad was tasked to support Third Squad, which was spearheading the recon of Oasis.

At Oasis, Ekart accompanied Melnikov and Bernelli north when Melnikov fell into a zerg pit, alerting the enemy to the marines' presence. Ekart and Xiang were ordered to frag the hole to give Bernelli time to set a charge. Ekart later helped Cutter find the objective.

In the hectic withdrawal from Oasis and following nuclear strike Ekart went missing and did not arrive at Bunker Complex 3847. Melnikov suspected that Ekart was either shredded by the zerg during the retreat or was "smashed flat" somewhere at the bottom of the Basin.


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