Eleftheria was the mistress of Constantino Terra. She possessed a tall, slim, willowy figure, red hair and pale skin.


Few Old Family couples were love matches, so it was not uncommon for the husband and wife to have a mistress and jig respectively. Despite the different standings however, Eleftheria got on well with Constantino's wife Bella, though this was at times a strained relationship. Given her personality, Eleftheria often tried to mediate in arguments between the Terras, earning Bella's ire. In response, Mrs. Terra often took pleasure in interrupting Eleftheria's and Constantino's "private moments". Still, her strong relationship with Constantino remained, his youngest daughter, Nova, seeing her as something akin to a second mother.

In January 2500 however, events came to a head. A terrorist attacked was launched on the Terra Skyscraper, intent on killing the Terra Family. As it was, Eleftheria was executed along with them.


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