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Elsecaro is an exclusive resort town on Tyrador IX, near an emerald ocean. The air is scented with cinnamon. It is home to a variety of resorts and attractions, as well as the North Shore Narwhals padball team.


In 2481, Elsecaro's Cephied Boulevard was the site of an attack by anti-Confederate rebels, targeting off-duty Confederate soldiers. Marine lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk and a pair of Umojan bodyguards fought back, killing them, but only Mengsk survived the firefight. The Tyrador armed forces arrived after the battle, commending Mengsk as a hero.[1]

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Dominion reinforcements arrive

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Elsecaro was attacked by feral zerg lured to the city by a Defenders of Man psi-emitter. The Defenders of Man then came to the planet, and began to protect the population at Surfside Stadium. Meanwhile, Terran Dominion forces under Agent Nova Terra attacked the zerg hatcheries to the south of the Defender's position. However, the Tal'darim Death Fleet under First Ascendant Ji'nara arrived to the planet, purifying part of the zerg forces and deploying a Tal'darim mothership to the field. They then moved on the Defenders of Man position, intent on destroying them. They used four shield projectors to create a shield around their mothership, and deployed a powerful fleet beacon on Shell Isle.

Though opposed to the Defenders of Man, Nova knew that the Tal'darim would kill the civilians they were protecting. So Nova and her Covert Ops Crew attacked the Tal'darim, destroying their shield projectors. Enraged, Ji'nara sent the mothership after the Dominion forces, but they were able to destroy it. With the Tal'darim defeated, the Defenders of Man were able to rally and push back against the last of the feral zerg.[2]

Known LocationsEdit

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An Elsecaro beach




Elsecaro may be named after the British tourist village of Elsecar.


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