Emmett Tygore is a member of the Tygore Old Family of Tarsonis. He was a murderer.


Emmett Tygore viciously murdered two people and dumped their bodies in the Gutter, the poor section of Tarsonis City. The police and media considered it a simple "Gutter drop" and ignored it until the victims were identified as the children of the Rample family. The Ramples were semi-prominent shop owners.

The Tarsonis Police Force, changing their tune, assured Universe News Network in press conferences that they had put their best detective, Malcolm Kelerchian, onto the case, and that the perpetrator would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Confederate law. Meanwhile, UNN referred to the murders as the "gore in the Gutter" perpetrated by a "butcher" or "deviant".

Kelerchian found the killer to be Emmett Tygore, a member of the Tygore Old Family. UNN now reported that Tygore was a "victim of his own psychosis" who had "snapped under the pressure". The Tygores had Emmett sent off to a rehabilitation facility on Halcyon rather than let him face full justice. Emmett Tygore was quickly forgotten.

Kelerchian's attempts to properly prosecute him landed him in trouble with the Tygore family, and therefore the police chief. He was "rescued" by the Ghost Program director Ilsa Killiany.


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