Emoticons are icons that can be used in the in game and launcher chat clients of StarCraft II that were added in Patch 3.3. Emoticons can be unlocked through the purchasing of expansions and downloadable content.

Automatically UnlockedEdit

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon GG Good Game (gg)
SC2Emoticon GoodLuckHaveFun Good Luck Have Fun (glhf)
SC2Emoticon StarCraftII StarCraft II (sc2)
SC2Emoticon Thumbsup Thumbs Up (y) or (thumbsup)
SC2Emoticon Thumbsdown Thumbs Down (n) or (thumbsdown)
SC2Emoticon Toast Toast (toast)
SC2Emoticon Flex Flex (flex)
SC2Emoticon Poo Poo (poo)
SC2Emoticon Zerg Zerg Race (zerg)
SC2Emoticon Terran Terran Race (terran)
SC2Emoticon Protoss Protoss Race (protoss)
SC2Emoticon Random Random Race (random)
SC2Emoticon Happy Happy :) or (happy)
SC2Emoticon Sad Sad :( or (sad)
SC2Emoticon Angry Angry :@ or (angry)
SC2Emoticon Surprised Surprised :O or (surprised)
SC2Emoticon Wink Wink + Stick Out Tongue ;P or (silly)
SC2Emoticon Neutral Neutral :| or (speechless)
SC2Emoticon Love Love :] or (inlove)
SC2Emoticon Cool Cool B-} or (cool)
SC2Emoticon ROFL ROFL :D or (rofl)
SC2Emoticon Zipped Zipped :x or (zipped)
SC2Emoticon Infested Infested (infested)
Scared SC2LotvEmoticon Scared :S or (scared)
Sleepy SC2LotvEmoticon Sleepy |-] or (sleepy)
Thinking SC2LotvEmoticon Thinking :-? or (thinking)
Kissy SC2LotvEmoticon Kissy Face (kiss)
Nerd SC2LotvEmoticon Nerd 8-| or (nerd)
Devil SC2LotvEmoticon Devil (devil)
Rainbow SC2LotvEmoticon Rainbow (rainbow)
Hearts SC2LotvEmoticon Hearts <3 or (hearts)
Minerals SC2LotvEmoticon Blue Minerals (minerals)
Gminerals SC2LotvEmoticon Gold Minerals (gminerals)
Vespene SC2LotvEmoticon Vespene Gas (gas)
Party SC2LotvEmoticon Party (party)
Cake SC2LotvEmoticon Cake (cake)
CuteAlarak SC2LotvEmoticon Cute Alarak (cuteal)
CoffeeTime SC2LotvEmoticon Coffee Time (coffeetime)
GoldTrophy SC2LotvEmoticon Gold Trophy (goldtrophy)


The following emoticons are unlisted on the StarCraft II emoticon list, but are available to all players.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon SecretWoof Mochi (woof)
SC2Emoticon SecretCactus Business (business)
SC2Emoticon SecretPizza Pizza (pizza)
Salty LotV Emoticon1 Salty (salty)
Stim LotV Emoticon1 Stim (stim) or (T)
SwarmQueen LotV Emoticon1 Swarm Queen (swarmqueen) or (qnbldes)
Mustache SC2LotvEmoticon Mustache (mustache)
PurpleRain SC2LotvEmoticon Purple Rain (purplerain)
Tuna SC2LotvEmoticon Tuna (tuna)
Uhaveapackage SC2LotvEmoticon You Have a Package (uhaveapackage)
Kitty SC2LotvEmoticon Kitty (kitty)
Jtrain SC2LotvEmoticon jtrain (jtrain)
Jthursday SC2LotvEmoticon jthursday (jthursday)
AryaSC2LotvEmoticon Arya (arya)
Ahoot SC2LotvEmoticon Ahoot (ahoot)

Wings of LibertyEdit

The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon WoLSCV SCV (scv)
SC2Emoticon WoLHeart Terran Heart (theart)
SC2Emoticon SupplyDepot Supply Depot (depot)
SC2Emoticon WoLBunker Bunker (bunker)

Heart of the SwarmEdit

The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon HotSDrone Drone (drone)
SC2Emoticon HotSHeart Zerg Heart (zheart)
SC2Emoticon HotSOverlord Overlord (overlord)
SC2Emoticon HotSBaneling Baneling (baneling)

Legacy of the VoidEdit

The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon LotVProbe Probe (probe)
SC2Emoticon LotVHeart Protoss Heart (pheart)
SC2Emoticon LotVPylon Pylon (pylon)
SC2Emoticon LotVPhotonCannon Photon Cannon (cannon)

Nova Covert OpsEdit

The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased a mission pack of Nova Covert Ops.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon NOCSnipe Nova's Target (snipe)
SC2Emoticon NOCNuke Nova's Nuclear Blast (nuke)

Co-op MissionsEdit


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Abathur commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
SC2Emoticon AbathueSymbyote Abathur's Symbiote (symbiote)
SC2Emoticon AbathurLocust Abathur's Locust (locust)


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Alarak commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
Tal&#039;darim SC2LotvEmoticon Tal'darim (taldarim)
Baneblade SC2LotvEmoticon Red Psi Blade (redpsi)
Nyon SC2LotvEmoticon Nyon Tal'darim (nyontal)


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Nova commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
Cloak SC2LotvEmoticon Cloak (cloak)
Ghost SC2LotvEmoticon Ghost (ghost)


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Stukov commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
Stukov SC2LotvEmoticon Stukov (stukov)
InfestedAdjutant SC2LotvEmoticon Infested Adjutant (infestedadj)


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Fenix commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
Purifier SC2LotvEmoticon Purifier (purifier)
Fenix SC2LotvEmoticon Fenix (fenix)


The following emoticons are available to players who have purchased the Dehaka commander in Co-op Missions.

Icon Name Command
Dehaka SC2LotvEmoticon Dehaka (dehaka)
DehakaClaw SC2LotvEmoticon Dehaka Claw (dinoclaw)

Ascension LevelsEdit

Icon Name Command Unlock Tier
Ascension91 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 91 (a91) Ascension Level 91
Ascension100 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 100 (a100) Ascension Level 100
Shake SC2LotvEmoticon Shake (shake) Ascension Level 150
Ascension200 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 200 (a200) Ascension Level 200
OK SC2LotvEmoticon OK (ok) Ascension Level 250
Ascension300 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 300 (a300) Ascension Level 300
Pray SC2LotvEmoticon Pray (pray) Ascension Level 350
Ascension400 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 400 (a400) Ascension Level 400
Rock SC2LotvEmoticon Rocks (rocks) Ascension Level 450
Ascension500 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 500 (a500) Ascension Level 500
Ascension600 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 600 (a600) Ascension Level 600
Ascension700 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 700 (a700) Ascension Level 700
Blast SC2LotvEmoticon Blast (blast) Ascension Level 750
Missile SC2LotvEmoticon Missile (missile) Ascension Level 750
Ascension800 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 800 (a800) Ascension Level 800
Viper SC2LotvEmoticon Viper (viper) Ascension Level 850
Lick SC2LotvEmoticon Lick (lick) Ascension Level 850
Ascension900 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 900 (a900) Ascension Level 900
Void SC2LotvEmoticon Void (void) Ascension Level 950
Ray SC2LotvEmoticon Ray (ray) Ascension Level 950
Ascension1000 SC2LotvEmoticon Ascension 1000 (a1000) Ascension Level 1000

Carbot Fun PackEdit

Protoss PackEdit

Icon Name Command
CBCannon SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Cannon (cbcannon)
CBExecutor SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Executor (cbexecutor)
CBTemplar SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot High Templar (cbhigh)
CBOracle SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Oracle GG (cboracle)
CBProbeCheese SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Probe Cheese (cbcheese)
CBProbeGift SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Probe Gift (cbprobe)
CBPylon SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Pylon Too Cool (cbpylon)
CBSentryKR SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Sentry Korean LOL (cblolkr)
CBSentryUS SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Sentry Korean LOL (cblol)
CBSurrender SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot We Surrender (cbquit)
CBZealot SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Zealot Rage (cbrage)

Terran PackEdit

Icon Name Command
CBStarShock SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Star Shock (cbshock)
CBStarHappy SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Star Happy (cbhappy)
CBSCVGift SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot SCV Gift (cbscv)
CBReaper SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Reaper Bomber (cbreaper)
CBRaynor SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Raynor (cbraynor)
CBMULE SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Mule (cbmule)
CBMarine SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Marine (cbmarine)
CBMarineSalute SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Marine Captain Salute (cbsalute)
CBAdjutant SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Adjutant (cbadjutant)
CBWidowMine SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Widow mine GG (cbwidow)

Zerg PackEdit

Icon Name Command
CBZergling SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Zergling (cbzergling)
CBOverseer SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Overseer (cboverseer)
CBOverlord SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Overlord Unimpressed (cbunimpressed)
CBMutalisk SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Mutalisk (cbmuta)
CBLarva SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Larva (cblarva)
CBInfestedTerran SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Infested Terran Laugh (cbinfestedlol)
CBHydralisk SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Hydralisk (cbhydra)
CBDrone SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Drone Gift (cbdrone)
CBInfestor SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Derpfestor (cbderp)
CBZerglingSleep SC2LotvEmoticon Carbot Zergling Sleep (cbsleep)

War ChestsEdit

BlizzCon 2017Edit

Icon Name Command Unlock Tier
FeelsGoodMarine SC2LotvEmoticon Feels Good Marine (good) Terran Tier 4
FistBump SC2LotvEmoticon Fist Bump (bump) Terran Tier 5
TerranTurtle SC2LotvEmoticon Terran Turtle (turtle) Terran Tier 9
Baited SC2LotvEmoticon Baited (baited) Terran Tier 10
Applause SC2LotvEmoticon Applause (applause) Terran Tier 10
Questionmark SC2LotvEmoticon. ??? (???) Terran Tier 15
QQ SC2LotvEmoticon QQ (qq) Terran Tier 15
Peace SC2LotvEmoticon Peace (peace) Terran Tier 15
Icon Name Command Unlock Tier
RIP SC2LotvEmoticon RIP (rip) Zerg Tier 4
StinkyTofu SC2LotvEmoticon Stinky, Stinky Tofu (stinky) Zerg Tier 5
Kappa SC2LotvEmoticon Kappa (kappa) Zerg Tier 9
TeaTime SC2LotvEmoticon Tea Time (tea) Zerg Tier 10
FingersCrossed SC2LotvEmoticon Fingers Crossed (crossed) Zerg Tier 10
Icon Name Command Unlock Tier
Gift SC2LotvEmoticon Gift (gift) Protoss Tier 4
Cheese SC2LotvEmoticon Cheese (cheese) Protoss Tier 5
Survivor SC2LotvEmoticon Survivor (survivor) Protoss Tier 9


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