"For thousands of years, it has served as a research retreat. Here, protoss secluded themselves from political affairs to focus on devising technology that would benefit the empire."

Endion is a forest moon orbiting the planet Bellum IV. It was once a retreat for Khalai scientists to do research, and held the ancient purifier vessel Cybros in stasis. During the End War, it was overrun by the zerg, and then purified.


Research RetreatEdit

Endion was a research retreat for protoss scholars for thousands of years, where they could seclude themselves from political affairs. Civilization-changing inventions were created there, such as the psionic matrix.

After the Purifier Rebellion, Endion was chosen as the world where Cybros would be kept in stasis, and secured by a megalith. Khalai scientists would continue improving the stasis grid, and the station would serve as a both a symbol of scientific achievement and a reminder of the dangers of it.[3]

End WarEdit

SpearofAdunCybrosEndion SC2-LotV Cine1

The Spear of Adun arrives at Endion

During the End War, the Amon Brood descended on Endion and overran its population and the contingent of Templar assigned to defend it, infesting the planet. However they could not break through the stasis grid that kept Cybros in orbit. Hierarch Artanis arrived with the intention of recruiting the ancient purifiers, and fought through the zerg forces on the surface to guide the Megalith to the stasis locks that held the station. The operation was successful, and Cybros was freed.[1]

After a battle to purge the zerg and hybrid from Cybros, Executor Clolarion fired a purification beam from his station, purifying all life on Endion. All zerg presence on the surface was annihilated.[2]


Endion SC2-LotV Cncpt1

The surface of Endion

Endion appears analogous to Endor from Star Wars, with Cybros representing the second Death Star.


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