Enemy Intelligence is the third and final mission in the first mission pack of the Nova Covert Ops campaign.


Lost MemoriesEdit

"I am not the man my father was. I wish to serve a greater good. I think we have that much in common."

- Emperor Valerian Mengsk(src)

NovaGriffin SC2-NCO Cine1

Nova being given command of the Griffin

With the Terran Dominion forces evacuated from Borea, Nova met with Emperor Valerian Mengsk, who offered her his ship, the Griffin and its covert ops crew in exchange for her loyalty. She accepted, and Valerian brought in her new weapons and technology specialist, Reigel. He attempted to use a device to stimulate her neural inhibitor to help her regain the memories she had lost, which gave her memories of Tarsonis City after it had been destroyed by the zerg. Nova and her squad then mobilized to infiltrate the Defenders of Man base on the planet.[1]


"Some will die so others can live."

Nova and her covert ops crew arrived on the planet, and swiftly attempted to garrison the structures that surrounded their landing site after clearing the zerg infestation pustules blocking them. However, their appearance attracted the attention of the feral zerg nearby, and they were attacked. Nova's forces were able to repel the zerg long enough to garrison and secure the surrounding structures. During the battle, a Defenders of Man cargo ship carrying imprisoned Dominion troops—Prometheus Company and Field Response Theta—crashed nearby.

EnemyIntellegence SC2NCOScreen

Nova infiltrates the Defenders of Man base

With the surface secure, Nova descended into the Defender of Man's base. She discovered a monomolecular blade in their armory, and tested it against the Defenders' guards. She entered the coms room, and discovered her presence was noted. The technician in charge received orders, which he considered to be extreme, but moved to carry out. Nova continued in the facility, and discovered they had begun to evacuate, and had activated a psi emitter. Feral zerg began to pour into the facility, attacking the remaining Defenders of Man and Nova alike. Nova still managed to slip past the Defenders of Man, and made it into their command room.[2]

The Defenders of ManEdit

NovaTerra SC2-NCO Cine5

Nova killing a Defenders of Man technician

There she discovered the Defenders of Man were planting psi emitters a civilian world to attract zerg to it, with the intent of discrediting Valerian. She stated that they had to be stopped.[3]


The first section of the mission is largely about creating a solid defense while pushing out to secure the garrisons. There are three approaches to the player's base, and unless going for achievements, the primary focus at the beginning of the game should be establishing a series of bunkers and siege tanks to ward off attacks. They will initially only attack from the north, but will quickly also push from the east then the west. Bunkers and siege tanks should be established before this happens. Jump jet upgraded siege tanks will be useful here, as they can stay on the high ground for the initial attacks and not be damaged.

In later stages and on harder difficulties, the enemy will send guardians against the player. These should be taken out using either marines or Nova, as her snipe can one shot them. While super stimpack is helpful, giving marines the range upgrade is more helpful should the player be having trouble with guardians, as it will allow bunkers to more easily hit them.

Nova's loadout for the first stage should be the sniper rifle, stealth and range upgrade, as she can then outrange the spine crawlers, sniper guardians and overseers, and pick off key targets. This will be helpful as Nova will be the primary means of which the player pushes out. In addition, ghost academies can auto-build nuclear missiles, so building two or three will allow the player to have multiple nukes ready to clear out garrisons. If patient, Nova can clear most of the map on her own while the majority of the army can be used to defend the core base.

The second phase involves using Nova with a monofilament blade. She can use a dash attack to go through groups of enemies, but this will still trigger their sight range if it's passed through. The player's loadout will be automatically switched to stun grenades, which will turn off the sight range of ghost when it is used on them. In addition, unlike The Escape, gun turrets in this section can be destroyed.

In the later stages of the second section, the zerg will appear. Kill units outside of the sight range of the ghosts, and use stun grenades to prevent units from firing or repairing as the zerg push through them.

Starcraft 2 - NOVA Covert Ops - Enemy Intelligence - BRUTAL - All Achievements!

Starcraft 2 - NOVA Covert Ops - Enemy Intelligence - BRUTAL - All Achievements!


EnemyIntelligence SC2-CovOps AchieveIcon1 Bunker Rush

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Completely fill two garrisons within the first 10 minutes of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission.

EnemyIntelligence SC2-CovOps AchieveIcon2 The Invisible Woman

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Do not kill any Defenders of Man forces in the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Normal difficulty or higher.

EnemyIntelligence SC2-CovOps AchieveIcon3 Less Is More

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Do not exceed 35 supply in the first stage of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Hard difficulty or higher.


The rescued Dominion forces will take up supply and may cost the player the achievement if their supply is too high upon reaching them.

Enemy Intelligence SC2-CovOps AchieveIconComplete Enemy Intelligence

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the “Enemy Intelligence” mission in Nova: Covert Ops.



The device that Reigel uses to recover Nova's memories bears the symbol of the Moebius Foundation.


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