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Enlightened Dynamics is a terran arms manufacturer. It developed a microfabricator for the vulture, ripwave missiles for the Viking, the G-4 cluster bomb and a new titanium housing for missile turrets, allowing such devices to suffer more punishment before failing.[1]

Known ProductsEdit

TitaniumHousing SC2 Icon1
Titanium Housing

Missile turrets gain +75 hit points.

Enlightened Dynamics has developed a new titanium housing for the missile turret. Early adopters have found this housing to be noticeably tougher than the original, allowing missile turrets to absorb more punishment before falling.[1]

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Complete five missions.
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $50,000

Reapers can hurl G-4 cluster bombs. G-4 cluster bombs deal 155 splash damage to all units and structures in a radius of 3.

This anti-personnel charge detonates shortly after being thrown. The initial blast ejects a cluster of smaller charges that deal additional damage in a large radius.

Please note that Enlightened Dynamics assumes no liability for deaths due to friendly fire.

Hotkey G
Cooldown 60Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $75,000
ReplenishSpidermines SC2 Icon1
Replenishable Magazine

Vultures can replenish their spider mine. Mines cost 15 minerals each and build one at a time. The ability can be set to autocast.

Enlightened Dynamics have developed a microfabricactor that lets vultures create new mines out in the field. This microfabricator uses a small number of mineral crystals each time a mine is created, but this minor hassle is a welcome change from the old system of "three and done."

Hotkey R
Cost 15 Minerals Terran SC1 12Time SC2 Game1
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $60,000

Vikings deal splash damage when attacking air units.

Ripwave Missiles are anti-matter warheads that can damage multiple air targets with deadly bursts of sub-atomic shrapne. The long-term environmental impact is still being assessed, but Enlightened Dynamics would like to remind its valued clients that it offers a whole suite of environmental decontamination services.[1]

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $75,000


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