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Epsilon Squadron
EpsilonSquadronArmoredCorps SC1 Game1

Science/military unit



De Facto Leader

Confederate Command (?—February, 2500)


TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (?—February, 2500)


Unknown, possibly conscripted into the Terran Dominion[1]

  Epsilon Squadron was a military unit of the Terran Confederacy consisting of multiple divisions.[2] It made extensive use of science vessels, which were stationed along the borders of Confederate space and at strategic locations, carrying out surveillance and study.[3] It also maintained armored expeditionary teams.[4]

Known MembersEdit

  • Specialist First Class Dr. Martens


Epsilon Squadron has not made any direct appearance in any StarCraft media. For the most part, it was the de facto color (yellow) and team of the eighth terran player in multiplayer matches of the original game.


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