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Escape pods are small rescue craft.


EscapePod SC-Com6 Comic1

Terran escape pod

Terran escape pods, also referred to as "lifepods" or "lifeboats," are small terran craft used for transport in emergencies. They are attached to capital ships[1] such as Behemoth-class battlecruisers,[2] prison ships,[3] science vessels and cargo ships. However, their presence is not a given.

Pods contain basic supplies that are bolted to the walls and/or carried in mesh pouches,[1] such supplies including MREs[2] and a med-kit. A weapons locker is also present, containing at least five types of pistol, a Torrent SR-8 shotgun and AGR-14 rifle.[2] It is equipped with harnesses for six individuals[1] and a cockpit for both a pilot and co-pilot. Pods are capable of planetary landings and travel through space. Gravity is maintained even when in the latter, suggesting compatibility with gravity accelerators.

Escape pods can travel a fair distance, at least between worlds. However, due to limited fuel and food, a pod cannot remain in space indefinitely and has to land eventually.[2]


The protoss have their own escape pods,[4] designed to carry one or two protoss. They can carry ten days worth of air, and are protected by shields. They are carried by carriers[5] and motherships.[6]


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