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The Eternal Scar

The Eternal Scar is located in the northern hemisphere of Zerus.[1]

Game MapsEdit

StarCraft IIEdit

Eternal Scar
EternalScar SC2 Map1






Extra Features

The Eternal Scar is a multiplayer map in StarCraft II. Each base has a natural expansion with a full set of resources. A thin ramp leads to each main, but the expansion is difficult to defend in the early game due to a wide entrance at the front. A rock pillar is located at the back entrance. Such pillars are also located at the map's two xel'naga towers, which makes them easy to defend.

High-yield minerals are located in the center of the map.[2]

Official Map DescriptionEdit

You can break down the rock towers at your natural expansion and the central xel'naga towers to defend those locations.

RISK: StarCraftEdit

The Scar is a contestable territory in RISK: StarCraft.


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