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Development model.

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The evolution chamber has undergone numerous changes during the development of StarCraft II.

In May 2008 zerg units had been individually upgraded.[1][2] This change was later reversed. The evolution chamber also reprises its role for general zerg upgrades in StarCraft II.[3]

The chamber itself was a focal point of many visual design changes which carried through to the entire range of zerg structures. The classic StarCraft design of the evolution chamber was odd and simplistic, so the first pass made the building look much more aggressive. Although very interesting, other zerg buildings started looking less impressive than the evolution chamber which was a problem—the evolution chamber's role is simple race upgrades, and it was thus deemed that it shouldn't look more impressive than the buildings that unlocked technology for the more advanced zerg creatures. The intent to dramatically redesign the evolution chamber was decided once the lurker den was created. The two buildings looked almost identical which was unacceptable. At the time the lurker den represented an advanced Zerg technology and it shouldn't be confused with the evolution chamber. The redesign followed through by updating the StarCraft appearance once again but with a more humble visual matching the rest of the zerg buildings.[4]


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