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Executor SC2-HotS Decal1

Executor decal

Executor is a high protoss Templar Caste rank. It is also used by the Tal'darim.


High ExecutorEdit

Among the Khalai/Daelaam, the term "executor" identifies the leader of the protoss Templar Caste. The highest ranking amongst the Templar is given the rank of executor. The seat of office was the Citadel of the Executor. Executors who have held this position include Zoranis, Adun,[1] Tassadar,[2] and Selendis.[3]

Protoss who are given this rank are sometimes referred to as a "high executor."[4]

Other ExecutorsEdit

TaldarimExecutor SC2 Head1

Tal'darim executor

The term can also refer to a protoss who is given command of a number of protoss forces (Koronis)[5] by another executor (Andraxxus).[6]

Other lower-ranking executors include Amur[3] and Damiarch.[7]

Some other factions, such as the Tal'darim, have their own executor(s).[8]

Other InformationEdit

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

It is rare for executors to take to the field of battle personally. However, they are fitted with special armor should the need arise.[9]


Approximately 1500, promising young Executor Adun was given a task by the Conclave—to secretly capture and execute heretics known as the Dark Templar. Adun refused, however, teaching the heretics how to hide themselves instead. Eventually his scheme was uncovered and the Conclave had the heretics rounded up. Adun threatened to reveal the Conclave's secret if they were harmed, and instead they were exiled from Aiur. During the last confrontation, Adun used combined Khalai and Void powers to quell it, causing him to burn out like a star.[1] His "betrayal" was kept secret,[2] and afterward the term En Taro Adun became a salutation to members of the Templar Caste,[10] replacing En Taro Khas.[1]

In 2499, protoss forces under the command of Executor Tassadar encountered a xenomorphic species engineered by the xel'naga. The zerg, as the new species came to be known, had infested the world of Chau Sara, settled by another intelligent species, the terrans. Tassadar was ordered to purify the planet, and did. He was then ordered to destroy other infested worlds such as Mar Sara, where the terrans were still alive and fighting back. Tassadar, questioning the morality of these orders,[2] waited until the last moment before destroying the zerg on these worlds.[11]

Eventually his forces made it to Tarsonis, the terran capital, following the zerg and the Sons of Korhal, a terran rebel movement. The rebels turned on his forces, enabling the zerg to complete their assault on Tarsonis.[11]

Tassadar was ordered to return to Aiur in disgrace. Instead, he followed powerful psionic emanations to Char, until then the secret zerg headquarters. For this act, he lost his post. The Conclave became even more upset with him when he made friends with Zeratul, a Dark Templar commander. They even tried sending another warrior, Artanis, to arrest him, but Artanis joined with Tassadar instead.[12]

Tassadar returned to Aiur on his own terms. With help from Zeratul, he attacked and destroyed the Conclave.[3]

AmmoCounter SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

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Known ExecutorsEdit

Executor SC2 Head2

An executor


Executor SC2-LotV Head2

A Tal'darim executor


Ornatus SC2 Head1

The following section contains information from StarJeweled and is not necessarily canon.

  • Ornatus, the portrait a player receives for completing the Jewel of Denial achievement, resembles an executor portrait with a gem-like shine around it's head.


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