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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Factory Ships
FactoryShips SC2 Game1



Space platform

Factory Ships is a fan-made map for StarCraft II created by Batomys that has been given arcade spotlight.[1]


Factory Ships pits two teams of up to four players against each other, while both teams must defend themselves against a zerg threat. The player's main base is a giant floating spaceship that periodically sends out fleets of automated fighters that fly down a set course.The player doesn't directly control the fighters, but instead controls the economy, defense, and production rate of their base. It’s up to the player to decide which ships to invest in and which targets they should assault. The player takes command of a single battlecruiser that can be upgraded and used for offense, defense, or even mineral collection. Eventually the players will directly assault the enemy ships, and the last team standing wins.[1]


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