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"It existed before names. From this primordial place, the zerg arose. Within, one essence split into many. One devoured another and became stronger. The first zerg."

- Zurvan(src)

FirstSpawningPool SC2-HotS Art1

The first spawning pool

The first spawning pool, often referred to as "the power of Zerus," is an ancient spawning pool on Zerus. It was here that the zerg first evolved, feeding on each other's essence, a trait that would be carried on beyond the pool.

During the Second Great War, Sarah Kerrigan came to the pool. Believing the catalytic fluid would overwhelm Kerrigan's body, Abathur recommended avoiding the pool. However, her hate for Arcturus Mengsk was strong enough. Her chrysalis came under attack from Brakk's pack and Yagdra's pack, but her minions discovered primal essence gathering within the pool and used it to spawn locusts to defend the hive cluster from the primal zerg attacks. Her forces held the line,[1] and she was successfully reborn as the Primal Queen of Blades.[2]


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