FlannumInstallationEntrance SCR Game1

The installation's entrance

The Flannum Installation was a secret facility located on Chau Sara that studied the nature of the zerg.

After removing the Sons of Korhal presence on Chau Sara, contact with the facility was lost and the installation was surrounded by xenomorphs, which had somehow created large, semi-organic structures, some of which were capable of defending themselves. Cerberus Recon Squad and Alpha Squadron cooperated in clearing a path to the installation.

Cerberus claimed that they knew the code for the installation (something only Magistrate Collins should have known), which enabled them to use the bio-scanners and confirm the presence of the scientists. However, they were unable to detect the xenomorphs, who had burrowed themselves in the installation floors. The traps were malfunctioning, attacking the terrans.

During the rescue of the scientists, the xenomorphs displayed some intelligence, staging a counter-assault to prevent the rescue from outside the installation. However, Cerberus was an elite force, and with the support of security guards found hiding within the facility they overcame the xenomorph infestation.



The installation may have been named after Blizzard Entertainment artist Eric Flannum.[1]


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