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Fort Howe was a Confederate military settlement on Turaxis II. Its layout included a barracks, command center, armory, starport, missile turrets, a firing range, a brig, an officers' club, at least seven supply depots and an admin building.

During the Guild Wars, it was the HQ of the Thundering Third. The 3rd defended the fort from attacking Kel-Morian forces, repelling them and engaging in pursuit. With their absence, the fort felt quite empty. It was an absence that Kel-Morian forces took advantage of, launching a combined arms strike of Hellhounds and rippers. Over 100 Confederate marines were killed and if not for the Kel-Morians losing their commanding officer early in the battle and the arrival of a squadron of Avengers to destroy the Kel-Morian transports, the fort might have been lost. Ultimately, the attack was repelled, though the fort suffered a lot of damage.[1]

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