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Welcome to the general forum. This is a place to discus all things StarCraft. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Episode III IV Maps01:21, April 2, 2016JimmyHereisHere
StarCraft Field Manual22:58, February 4, 2016Miles07
Upgrades Lists15:06, February 4, 2016Miles07
Question over fan-made campaigns policy10:48, December 17, 2015Hawki
UED Return Theory13:42, October 2, 2015Kaldalis
In Utter Darkness going to be A Glimmer of Hope in Legacy of the Void?12:10, September 22, 2015Stoudemire18
Emil Narud = Samir Duran01:42, July 21, 2015Meco
Confirmed - Samir = Narud00:26, July 15, 2015DrakeyC
Playing order06:35, June 2, 2015Hawki
StarCraft: Stratospace10:53, April 9, 2015Hawki
Heart of the Swarm intel?20:01, December 10, 2014WikiaBot
Is this Android StarCraft simulation game legal?21:33, September 15, 2014Hawki
Can an Ultralisk withstand being struck by lightning?21:32, September 8, 2014Hawki
Doran = Duran00:17, May 18, 2014PsiSeveredHead
Categorization11:16, November 29, 2013CombatMagic
Will the U.E.D return?11:38, November 24, 2013Hawki
Cerebrate name00:24, August 18, 2013Meco
Ending of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm17:33, June 20, 2013WikiaBot
Vote for Thor in the Great Robot Battle!00:12, June 20, 2013Matt Hadick
Kerrigan's middle name11:46, June 5, 2013Meco
Raynor and Kerrigan11:45, June 5, 2013Meco
Past of Earl13:20, May 16, 2013Meco
Linking to StarCraft Wiki21:44, April 18, 2013Hawki
Protoss Reproduction20:14, April 3, 201369.59.107.102
Heart of the Swarm articles22:53, March 14, 2013PsiSeveredHead
Starting new campaign in SCII16:01, December 21, 2012PsiSeveredHead
Name of the zerg01:11, December 8, 2012PsiSeveredHead
Starcraft Questions18:42, October 23, 2012Alockwood1
Favorite Strategies12:32, October 23, 2012Brainwasher5
Kerrigan's "defection"01:39, July 30, 2012Alockwood1
Samir Duran: Quiet Retcon?03:08, May 8, 2012PsiSeveredHead
Emil Narud =/= Samir Duran03:07, May 8, 2012PsiSeveredHead
Could Samir Duran be the the Dark Voice03:07, May 8, 2012PsiSeveredHead
"cannot create more units"?!?!?!20:01, December 21, 2011Hawki
Comments20:54, December 7, 2011Hawki
Dark Templar infestation?05:36, December 3, 2011PsiSeveredHead
HotS New Building16:12, November 29, 2011Meco
Game templates19:04, November 8, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Brood wasps?04:28, November 8, 2011Hawki
Ghost vs. Spectres03:24, October 9, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Fan Arts Category - I think its good idea...23:50, September 14, 2011Meco
Change number of players on a map18:31, September 9, 2011EthelioNeR
Nova riding Matt?01:21, August 12, 2011JediHistorian
Minor WoL lore tidbits missed23:45, July 31, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Nova infested14:13, July 30, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Causes of the zerg woes in WoL.12:58, July 16, 2011PsiSeveredHead
SC1 Alpha Chars/Heros11:11, June 27, 2011PsiSeveredHead
New to the game need help12:36, May 8, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Didn't Acturus place the Psi Emiters on Mar Sara?20:16, April 8, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Starcraft Universe Map01:01, March 1, 2011PsiSeveredHead
A Forum Post00:16, January 26, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Sarah Kerrigan in SCII:WoL00:22, January 21, 2011PsiSeveredHead
Kerrigan's role in defeating the Hybrid03:29, December 25, 2010XEL
Wikia edtor's opinion on SC2 and its story07:30, December 24, 2010XEL
Starcraft error01:50, October 28, 2010Meco
Star Craft 2 Stopped Keeps Crashing on Startup01:47, October 28, 2010Meco
Removal of Social Tools21:43, October 12, 2010Sarah Manley
Consequences20:48, October 9, 2010Meco
UED: the way they know about "aliens"08:45, October 9, 2010Hawki
The Void Tournament Arena22:34, September 29, 201015.203.233.75
StarCraft I Remake02:47, September 28, 2010LuciferSCR
"Reading order" of the Starcraft storyline as a whole01:25, September 24, 2010PsiSeveredHead
Musics11:01, September 17, 2010PsiSeveredHead
Heart of the Swarm campaign09:26, September 12, 2010Andra2404
Ulrezaj and the Dark Voice18:41, September 11, 2010Meco
Terran Bunkers Range04:25, September 9, 2010PsiSeveredHead
Ep. I "commander" and Matt Horner14:30, September 7, 2010Meco
Who is the mysterious figure ?12:38, September 7, 2010Andra2404
It makes all sense now... A theory about the first Overmind12:15, September 7, 2010Andra2404
SC2-What do you think will happen to Sarah Kerrigan after she is changed back?20:15, September 6, 2010Andra2404
Fan-art19:38, September 5, 2010Andra2404
Hybrid reavers13:38, September 1, 2010Andra2404
Raven Quote debate23:18, August 31, 2010PsiSeveredHead
White Star of a new class/type?03:29, August 30, 2010Gemai
Hanson's infestation20:50, August 28, 2010El Nazgir
Do you have to use 9800 Radeon or 6600 GeForce Cards, or can you use something newer with more MB?17:12, August 27, 2010Tanooki1432
Thor and Odin relationship13:46, August 25, 2010Andra2404
Zerglings and wings13:11, August 25, 2010Meco
On "fans knowing more about what is going to happen in HotS than Blizzard"16:47, August 20, 2010Andra2404
Orbital habitats15:34, August 18, 2010PsiSeveredHead
Dark Voice and SCI09:00, August 17, 2010Prime spirit
More "It Can't be a Gauss Rifle"15:28, August 14, 2010PsiSeveredHead
This wiki should add a "Classic/Mobile" button for iPhone visitors15:10, August 12, 2010PsiSeveredHead
Importing meshs02:23, August 8, 201097.127.41.94
SCII multiplayer question15:31, July 30, 2010Meco

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