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Is it just me, or are people afraid that Duran has been quietly retconned? In SC2, in the Zeratul missions, Zeratul shows complete surprise at seeing a hybrid. Why? He's already seen quite a few; granted, not in the best condition, but the reason he went on a bender was because he saw what Duran was doing.

Even with the Preserver's information to him later on (in book form), he still should have shown some measure of "Oh, so THIS is it" rather than utter surprise. Yes, Dark Origin was a secret mission; it's been a dozen years though; anyone who hasn't at least heard of what went on during that mission can take the spoiler now!

The hybrids show no special ability to morph themselves into human facades, nor was the Dark Voice in the final Zeratul mission active (maybe) at the time Zeratul confronted Duran, as the final was a future-to-come-if-<X>-is-done, not the true future.

I hope he hasn't been removed :| Hearing his speech at the end of Dark Origin gives me chills every time. Special:Contributions/

Zeratul shows surprise because this Hybrid is active, he hasn't seen them alive before. Not to mention they're still not something he's seen all over. Doreiku Kuroofangu 04:50, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

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