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Free Haven is the only town on the planet of Bhekar Ro, built by the first settlers who came to the planet when they sought for independence and freedom from the Terran Confederacy. Surrounded by a perimeter fence in the shape of an octagon, it was fairly self contained, although there were outlying farms and drainage ditches. It featured an old missile turret in its center, which proved instrumental in its defense when it was attacked by the zerg.


Shortly after colonist Octavia Bren and her brother Lars accidentally activated a recently unearthed xel'naga temple, the zerg Kukulkan Brood descended upon Bhekar Ro. In addition to settling near the temple, the zerg attacked the town. Bren took part in arranging the town's defenses.

The surviving defenders were losing when Alpha Squadron arrived and deployed its ground forces inside town. Despite "heavy collateral damage" they directly caused, Alpha Squadron succeeded in driving out the zerg from the town.

Under General Edmund Duke's orders, Alpha Squadron's SCVs transformed the town into secured forward military position--complete with Bunkers, Barracks, Siege Tanks, and a Command Center--in order to effectively combat the zerg and protoss forces nearby.

Duke's forces were heavily defeated after suffering high-casualties by protoss and zerg forces in a large battle. Months later, Duke and his remaining troops left via Terran Dominion transport ships.[1]


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