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Fury is a psionic power demonstrated by Sarah Kerrigan during the Second Great War. Using the ability, Kerrigan was able to augment the rate at which she launched energy blasts, increasing as she fought.[1]

Game EffectEdit

Heart of the SwarmEdit

SC2 KerrFury Icon Fury

Each time Kerrigan attacks, her attack speed increases by 15%, up to a maximum of 75%. Effect ends when Kerrigan goes 5 seconds without attacking.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Kerrigan reaches Level 50

Co-op MissionsEdit

In Co-op Missions, Sarah Kerrigan gains the fury upgrade at level 10.

SC2 KerrFury Icon Fury

Kerrigan's attack speed increases by 10% with each attack, stacking five times up to 50%. Wears off when Kerrigan has not attacked an enemy for five seconds.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Kerrigan Level 10.


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