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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

GSL Daybreak is a fan map from Team Liquid. Based on poll results, Blizzard Entertainment may include it in the ladder pool of season 7 to replace existing maps on the ladder.[1]


The map has a rotational symmetry where you spawn as far away from your opponent as possible, and a total of ten bases excluding the spawnpositions. There are three paths through the middle area, where the shortest one is blocked off with destructible debris. This ensures a medium rush distance, while still opening up the map mid to late game. Your natural is situated on a ramp below your main, and has two entrances: One medium-wide ramp, and a wide ramp that is partially covered by destructible debris. As both of the entrances naturally choke off toward the middle area of the expansion, you won't be battling an army split over two sides. Your expansion is thus somewhat protected by elevation, but still punishable should one go expo first.

Xel'naga towers are situated on both sides of the destructible debris that covers the middle path, and give vision of an important area while still leaving one longer path accessible should you want to avoid it. They are also surrounded by fog, limiting vision if you do not control them. When one is expanding they are faced with a choice, to take an expansion far away from the main albiet being more defensible, or to take the closer, more open one. This lends itself to balance where you can expand based on your opponent, rather than being pidgeonholed into expanding a certain (sometimes undesirable) pattern. The map lacks gold bases, however the somewhat more open fourth expansion has a rich vespene geyser, allowing for faster gas harvesting. Hiding proxy buildings can be somewhat difficult on the map, but it is not crippling as the natural is still assultable without proxy.[2]


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