Geena Ralian was a terran who lived in "the Gutter."


Geena grew up alongside her brother Gary and half brother Markus, courtesy of the latter's father remarrying. Life was not easy with low income-her father was an unsuccessful musician and her mother had a low-paid job as a cook. Like many in the Gutter, Geena became a drug addict. To make matters worse, she broke her nose and while it was a relatively simple operation to fix it, the Ralians did not have the money for such an operation.

Things became better for Geena when her brother became the chief lieutenant of crime lord Fagin. With his new wealth and power, Markus was able to break Geena's addiction to crab, paid for the operation to fix up her nose as an eighteenth birthday present and made her his own lieutenant in Fagin's crime syndicate. Her prostitution however, was a habit he could not break.


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