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Genetically Enhanced Zerg

Immune to the xel'naga temple of Shakuras effects


Zerg, genetically enhanced by warped khaydarin crystals (made from zerg and Dark Templar energies)

Genetically Enhanced Zerg


De Facto Leader



Fist of Ulrezaj

Special Units

Devouring One, Hunter Killer

Date Dissolved




  Genetically enhanced zerg were a breed of zerg, enhanced by warped khaydarin crystals, which Ulrezaj intended to create.

Ulrezaj had planned to unleash his enhanced zerg upon Shakuras. To do this, he and Schezar's Scavengers created a space platform over Shakuras, upon which a warp gate would be placed. This would enable regular zerg to travel from Ulrezaj's base on Char directly to Shakuras, where they would be enhanced by Dark Templar energy at genetic stations occupied by warped khaydarin crystals. These zerg would be rendered immune to the effects of the xel'naga temple. Meanwhile, the protoss would be weakened by Scavengers' EMP Generator; Ulrezaj expected the Dark Templar to hide in their secret places while the Khalai refugees would be stuck in the open and slaughtered.[1] However, this aspect of Ulrezaj's plan did not come to fruition[2] as a small elite force of protoss, including a Dark Archon Hero, destroyed the warped crystals.[3]

Enhanced Zerg StrainsEdit


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