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GhostVisor WoL Game1

Sarah Kerrigan with her ghost visor lowered.

A ghost visor is a headset used by terran ghosts. It presents mission critical intel to ghosts on the field. Each visor is outfitted with a personal scanner system to keep its wearer appraised of battlefield conditions at all times.[1] Ghost visors date back to the Terran Confederacy, but continued to be utilized by ghosts through to the Terran Dominion. A ghost visor contains a map of the surrounding area, and tracks the movement of targets near the ghost's position.[2]

Ghost visors often are used to update the ghosts on changing battlefield conditions, but sometimes require software updates after missions. Nova Terra discovered a means to implant messages in her ghost visor, in order to send messages to herself through memory wipes.[3]

Game EffectEdit

The ghost visor is a choice for Nova's helmet slot in Nova Covert Ops obtained during the mission "The Escape".[4]

GhostVisor SC2-NCO Icon1 Ghost Visor

Reveals the location of enemy units within a radius of 20 yards from Nova's position. Does not reveal cloaked or burrowed units.



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