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Glenn Stafford
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Blizzard Entertainment


Senior composer
Voice actor

Glenn Stafford is a senior composer at Blizzard Entertainment.[1] He has composed music for its StarCraft and Warcraft universes.[2]


Stafford was initially hired by Blizzard on a one-week trial basis. He spent that first week stationed in Mike Morhaime's office, porting music and sound effects for the PC version of The Lost Vikings.[3] He later worked on the composition of the StarCraft OST.[4] Due to budget and time constraints, he and his team had to improvise in many areas.[3] He provided the voices the SCV, Scout, Wraith, and carrier,[5] along with most of the protoss and zerg sound effects.[3]

Stafford returned to compose the music for StarCraft II.[6] He once again voiced the SCV and Wraith.[7]


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