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2503, Altara


Terran (formerly)
Infested terran




TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion (?—2503)

DomMarineCorps SC1 Logo1 Dominion Marine Corps (?—2503)
NovaSquadron SC1 Logo1a Nova Squadron (?—2503)

Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm (2503)


Marine private (formerly)
Infested terran

Godard was a muscular marine in service to Nova Squadron.

In 2503,[1][2][3] Godard was onboard the Palatine as it headed for Altara to investigate the disappearance of a Dominion ghost. Another ghost was also present on the ship. He gave her a wide berth, as while her physical appearance inspired lust, her status as a telepath made him uneasy.

What also made Godard uneasy, along with most of the crew, was the presence of zerg at the world. Colonel Jackson Hauler directed the ship into the atmosphere and Godard, along with other infantry, was deployed on the surface, in good spirits due to a pep talk from the colonel. The ghost he'd seen earlier was also on the surface, much to his spirited delight. It was delight that was soon crushed by the zerg that surged forward to meet the marines. In Godard's case, a zergling jumped on him from behind, causing him to lose his balance and accidentally shoot a fellow marine. However, the ghost was able to blast the zergling off Godard's back before he could suffer a similar fate.

Unfortunately for Godard, fate had something worse in store for him, specifically infestation by an infestor. A drone in service to the Swarm, he tried to attack the ghost that had saved him minutes before, but was destroyed by a mind blast by her.[4]


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