"Grandma Tosh" was Gabriel Tosh's grandmother. A follower of Hajian voodoo, she would make claims such as an individual having "the glow," of being blessed by the loa.


Tosh grew up on Haji without access to education or much of a need for one. An imposing figure, she commanded the respect of not only her family, but everyone around her.

Tosh had a grandson named Gabriel, who demonstrated strange powers. She believed that his powers were a type of voodoo, and regardless of her feelings on the matter, still gave him love and support.

Spooked by the youngster's powers, the elders forced the Toshes to move to a shack at the windswept edge of town.

At some point she gave her grandson a doll that he wore around his neck—decades later, it would be all he had left to remember her by. She passed away before Gabriel was inducted into the Ghost Academy.[1]

After Gabriel abandoned the Ghost Academy and became a spectre, the terrazine treatment caused him to hallucinate the existence of Grandma Tosh as melded with the Hajian voodoo death god Maman Therese. In these visions, she warned Tosh of a coming angry female loa that would come for him, seeking a sacrifice. The intensity of these visions caused Tosh to adopt a more Hajian accent similar to hers.[1]


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