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Magistrate Grayson is a Terran Dominion official who resides over part of the outer colonies. Some years after the End War, Greyson and General Carolina Davis went on Kate Lockwell's Universal News Network program to discuss the Dominion's disaster relief policies, particularly those relating to the aid sent to Antiga Prime after the zerg sighting there. On air, Grayson was an outspoken critic of the rule of Emperor Valerian Mengsk,[1] and stated in response a tax dispute in the core worlds that the Dominion shouldn't have to pay for a war they didn't start.

Grayson later went on UNN to debate the Defenders of Man, and was supportive of their efforts, as they were the only ones helping the outer colonies.[2]

After the zerg attacked Tyrador IX, Grayson was put in charge of investigating the attack.[3] By the end of the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Magistrate Grayson concluded that the Defenders of Man were indeed behind the Tyrador IX zerg attacks.[4]


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