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Grendel Brood



Zerg SC1 Logo Zerg Swarm

  • Mobile (?—?)
  • Aiur (April—June/July 2500)
Date Fragmented




  The Grendel Brood was a zerg brood.


The Grendel Brood was first observed on the Fringe World of Chau Sara. Alongside the Garm Brood, Grendel Brood warriors were situated throughout the Flannum Installation. However, Cerberus Recon Squad was able to battle its way through the warriors and extract key Confederate personnel.[1]

The Grendel Brood participated in the invasion of Aiur. A brown cerebrate was charged with making up the core of the Overmind's defenses once it manifested on Aiur, along with the Baelrog Brood.

During the fight to break through the Overmind's defenses, protoss leaders Fenix and Zeratul attacked the Grendel Brood's main hive cluster, killing its cerebrate and throwing the Brood into chaos. The stunning defeat also incurred the loss of the Baelrog brood, and allowed the protoss a straight path to the Overmind.[2]


Internally, locations in the mission Shadow Hunters that refer to the brown zerg, which is usually the Grendel Brood, refer to the Leviathan Brood instead.[2]

It was named after the monster Grendel from the ancient epic poem Beowulf.


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