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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Gridfall is a spotlighted Arcade map developed by David "Syco" Sivak.


Gridfall is a twitchy action-arena game. Up to 10 players can play in a free-for-all or team based setting, where the last person standing wins.[1] The aim of the game is to cause opponents to fall through holes in the grid, the grid able to be destroyed by abilities.

Players can choose from one of three protoss characters, namely Zeratul, a preserver , and a high templar. Each has their own abilities, Zeratul being able to cloak for five seconds, the preserver being able to teleport a short distance, and the high templar being able to hover for a few seconds. General abilities include push missile (pushes a foe away in the direction the missile is fired in), death platform (removes a platform from the grid, has a low energy cost and cooldown), and psionic bomb (destroys a no. of blocks in the area it explodes in). Powerups can be obtained to increase the speed, energy, and effectiveness of the psionic bomb and push missile abilities.[2]


Gridfall was one of a number of mini-games that Syco was working on that he decided to focus on. It was inspired by a custom StarCraft: Brood War map titled "Falling Tiles." Gridfall was worked on over a period of 2 months alongside Ben Solt (models and UI) and "DuckytheDuck," who worked on triggers.[1]


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