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"What’s that Command? A storm moving onto our position and we should seek shelter immediately? Sir, with all due respect, my men have been to the far reaches of the sector and fought off bandits, rebels, Protoss and even the Zerg. We are not afraid of some... [STATIC -- END OF LINE]."

- Last transmission of Captain Jonathan Rogers, KIA during a freak hailstorm on Grnaki Prime.(src)

Grnaki Prime
Grnaki Prime

Koprulu sector


Ice world, with severe storms

Grnaki Prime is an ice world located in or near the Koprulu Sector. It features "freak" hailstorms which can even kill those in CMC armor.


2000-02-11. Hailstorm. StarCraft Compendium Map Archive. Accessed 2007-09-02.

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