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Shakurus SC1 Art2

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Guardian SC2 Art1

The guardian

The guardian is a zerg long-range bomber.


Guardian SC1 Art1

A guardian during the Great War

The guardian is evolved from the mutalisk and thought to be based on the nesting form of the mantis screamer. It possesses a thicker carapace than its counterpart and attacks by lobbing explosive globs of acid.[1] The guardian is much slower than the mutalisk however, and was often designated to guard larvae.[2]

Despite being devastating in terrestrial combat, guardians are next to useless in space combat.[3]

Guardians were replaced by brood lords following the Brood War.[4] A number of them were utilized by Amon in the End War, as they were taken under his control along with the feral zerg of Aiur.[5][6] Feral guardians remained on Tarsonis years after the conflict,[7] while additional guardians were among the zerg that attacked the Umojan research team on Jarban Minor.[8]

Game UnitEdit


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Guardian (StarCraft).

StarCraft IIEdit

For StarCraft II gameplay information see: Guardian (StarCraft II).

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Guardians can be spawned on the map Braxis Holdout, and are part of the zerg attack waves that are sent against opponents.[9]

Known GuardiansEdit

Guardian SC1 CineInvasionAiur1

A guardian

Variant StrainsEdit



Most sources list the guardian's attack as being one of acid.[1][10] However, its page lists its attack as being one of plasma.[2]


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