Gustavo McBain was a Korhalian welder, and later an anti-Confederacy terrorist.


When the Confederacy destroyed Korhal, McBain was away from his homeworld, working on a construction contract on Mar Sara, but his wife, daughter and his yet unborn son were killed. He became a bitter anti-Confederate rebel at that point.

Instead of joining the Sons of Korhal, McBain joined Cliff Nadaner's group and came to enjoy killing. He especially hated the Old Families.

Ironically, McBain was sent to Tarsonis to kill the member of the Old Families who spoke most loudly against the destruction of Korhal: Constantino Terra, under the command of Terra servant (and fellow rebel) Edward Peters. McBain murdered Constantino, his wife and son. The rebels were interrupted by November Terra, who killed McBain in a psychic outburst. As he died, his last thoughts were with his murdered family.


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